Midland Paper Announces Kevin Wade’s Retirement

Kevin Wade is a paper company veteran, having worked at several companies-including his own-since the late 1960s.

Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies
Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies

Wheeling, Illinois-based Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies, an independent distributor of media for business communications, announces the retirement of Kevin Wade, a senior executive at the company.

Wade has been with Midland since 2015, when it bought out St. Louis-based Shaughnessy Paper.

According to his company, Wade has had a long and distinguished career in the paper industry. After serving in the United States Marine Corp, Kevin began his career with Reliable Paper in Chicago in 1968. He subsequently worked for Curtis Paper (1971-1974), and then Lewis Paper (1975-1984), before starting his own company, Wade Paper, in 1984. Kevin ran Wade Paper successfully for 25 years, before selling the business to Shaughnessy.

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with Kevin,” says Jim O’Toole, executive vice president of publishing and consulting at Midland. “Kevin is a true pioneer in the paper industry, having started and successfully run his own paper brokerage company for 25 years. He is widely recognized in the paper industry as a successful entrepreneur, and highly regarded for being a true professional. Beyond that, he is a terrific person. All of us at Midland wish to thank Kevin for his many contributions, and we wish him, and Connie, a very happy retirement.”

According to the announcement, Kevin and Connie will be retiring to their residence in South Carolina. Kevin Wade can be reached at kevinwade1220@gmail.com.

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