Michigan Sign Company Helps Create Building Wrap Supporting Black Lives Matter Movement and Healthcare Workers

The 15,000-square-foot building in Brooklyn, New York, features bright prints against an existing gray exterior

Michigan-based large-format printer 40 VISUALS teams up with venue space 74Wythe in Brooklyn, New York, to pay tribute to the Black Live Matter movement, as well as first responders. 

40 VISUALS, which offers printing and design services, worked directly with Angela Redai of Artine Advisory on behalf of her client 74Wythe to make the Brooklyn project, called #74wythefamilarfaces, come to life.

According to 40 VISUALS graphic designer Katlyn Knuver, Redai reached out in hopes the sign company would collaborate on the mural. Redai initially thought paper/paste installation would be the best method for the project but determined a wrap film designed for brick application would be the best solution.

Redai created the artwork, artist Arianna Margulis custom illustrated it, and 40 VISUALS printed and installed it using adhesive vinyl specialized for textured surfaces and an Anapurna H3200i LED with UV ink.

The brick wrap material was applied using a heat gun and a roller to ensure it adhered to each crevice of the textured surface. Knuver adds, “A clean, dry wall ensures proper adhesion for durable wear.”

The 74Wythe venue is set to open late summer with an emphasis on community involvement and charity support.

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