Michigan High Schoolers Raise $1K for Cancer Research Selling T-shirts

The T-shirts were designed, physically printed, promoted, and sold by the students

Farmington High School students in an entrepreneurship class recently raised $1,070 for pediatric cancer research by producing and selling student-designed and printed T-shirts.

As reported in the Farmington Voice, the town’s local newspaper, the class was given the task of raising money for a charity. The class wanted to raise funds for pediatric cancer and make an impact locally; thus, they decided to donate whatever they raised to the University of Michigan’s research efforts.

Students Jack Mastantuono and Donavyn Favors work in the production room. (Image: Nina Merget/Farmington Voice)

The class settled on making special edition pink T-shirts for their ‘Pink Out’ homecoming football game — which were designed, physically printed, promoted, and sold by the students. Teacher Nina Merget taught the class how to create a design via Transfer Express and physically print each shirt using a heat press.

The shirts were priced at $10 each, with a total of 200 sold and a profit of $1,070 — all of which was donated.

“I am so proud of my students for going through the entire process to develop, produce, price, and promote a product while raising money for charity,” Merget tells the Farmington Voice. “They worked hard to sell all of their shirts to maximize their donation!”

“I learned that charity is just worth the work, no matter what it is,” says student Yatin Bichala to the newspaper. “It felt similar to community service in that it was selfless and infinitely rewarding. We never once thought about being rewarded, and that puts a smile on my face.”

The Farmington Voice

Marie Fennema

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