Meridian Specialty Yarn Group Opens New Yarn-Dyeing Facility

Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc. (MSYG) unveils the opening of a new yarn-dyeing operation in North Carolina.


VALDESE, N.C.-Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Inc. (MSYG) unveils the opening of a new yarn-dyeing operation in North Carolina. Operational as of July 8, the company officially announced the opening in a July 23 release on their Facebook page.

While the region has a rich history of textile and fabric manufacturing, MSYG contends the new location is the first yarn and fiber-dyeing plant to be built in the U.S. in more than two decades. The 116,000-sq. ft. building features traditional operations such as chemical treatments and dyeing, as well as newer technology like robotics and streamlined machinery.

“Our new technology gives us the capability to process every dyeable fiber in various forms, including yarn, tow, and top,” states Tim Manson, president of MSYG.

Manson adds that the operation can chemically treat or dye “all fiber substrates,” including cellulosic and animal fibers, as well as polyester, nylon, and dyeable aramids.

meridian specialty yarn group
An aerial shot of the plant from MSYG’s Facebook page. 

The equipment lineup at the North Carolina hub includes dye machinery and chemical-dispensing systems from Italy and monitoring and control systems from Adaptive Controls in Huntersville, North Carolina. With technology and design, the company aims to reduce water consumption, carbon footprint, and chemical use. The design of the plant also helps bring the textile supply chain closer to home, MSYG points out.

The addition grows the Valdese, North Carolina site to 284,600 ft., including MSYG office, warehouse, and manufacturing space. The company initially announced plans for expansion in 2016 when it added new personnel to its management team.

For more information, visit https://www.msyg.com/.

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