Maximize the Capabilities of a Larger UV Printer

Bigger sometimes does mean better

You might be reading this and thinking to yourself that you’ve heard this before, and bigger doesn’t always mean better. That is incorrect in the case of UV printers. These newer, larger models build on a history of success with the smaller printers and not only provide higher production capability, but better quality and speeds.

The older, smaller models were amazing machines as they allowed owners to decorate a wider range of products with color. However, combine those smaller print areas with slower print speeds and the early small-format UV-LED flatbeds could have been pigeonholed as short-run equipment.

Remember, full bed utilization is the key to maximizing print times. The larger print areas, new lamps, and advanced software have now pushed UV printers closer to meeting the production speeds seen by other decoration methods like pad or screen printing. Plus, UV enjoys all the benefits associated with being a digital process.

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