LexJet Lands Distributorship for Fisher Textiles Dye-Sublimation Line

This is the first time Fisher Textile's fabrics have been converted and distributed for wide-format sizes.

lexjet_fisher_275x275Sarasota, Florida-based LexJet, a provider of wide-format inkjet printing equipment and supplies, announces that it is the exclusive distributor for dye sublimation fabrics from Indian Point, North Carolina-based Fisher Textiles. The fabrics are converted to fit wide-format printers.

According to LexJet, this is the first time the fabrics have been converted and distributed for wide-format sizes. Previously, the materials were only available for grand-format printers.

“Partnering with Fisher Textiles is a natural fit for LexJet, thanks to our deep and long-standing relationships with the print service providers and end-users who will benefit the most from these wide-format sized fabrics,” says Justin Lehman, vice president of sales at LexJet. “This is a big win for the wide-format industry.”

Lehman adds that the distributorship opens the door for LexJet to “the benefits of wide-format applications, such as smaller runs, one-off prototypes, quicker turn-around and customization, which is in higher demand than ever.”

The distributorship also rounds out LexJet’s existing portfolio of dye-sub offerings from multiple manufacturers including heat presses, transfer papers, and various substrates.

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