Issue Preview: The Guide, Photoshop, Lasering Acrylics, and Business Tips

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO December

In the December issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail and hit a screen near you on Nov. 24, you’ll find The Guide — the most comprehensive list of recognized suppliers in the custom graphics industry. Plus, don’t miss topics from print and graphics professionals on creating wide-format panoramic images, lasering acrylic products, and how to deal with business issues that keep you up at night.

Merging Photos in Photoshop

Stephen Romaniello, GlobalEye Systems

  • “Since the images are generally large and high resolution, the direct output of a panoramic image to a large-format printer is a marriage of two highly compatible technologies. Furthermore, saving the images in PSB Large Document Format enables output to very large surfaces.”
  • “Photoshop uses the Photomerge command that analyses the edges of multiple exposures, neatly places them in the correct sequence, and blends them together.”

Lasering and Selling Acrylic Products

Bob Hagel

  • “Buying acrylic plastic products from our industry is the safest way to make sure you have the right product for the use you have in mind.”
  • “Lasering certain plastics can be harmful to your laser operator and other employees, as well as damage your laser and invalidate its warranty.”

What is Keeping You Up at Night?

Jennifer Cox, National Network of Embroidery Professionals

  • “Throughout all these years, and all these experiences working with different business owners, I have learned that without exception, every single one of the people I worked with had one main thing that was keeping them up at night.”
  • “If you can even make tiny progress, one little step every day or every week, your challenge may start to float a little higher up off your shoulders.”

Find these articles, plus much more, in GRAPHICS PRO December.

Marie Fennema

Marie Fennema is the editor of the GRAPHICS PRO Daily, covering news and guidance in apparel decoration, awards and engraving, and sign and digital printing.

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