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Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO February

In the February issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail and hit a screen near you on Jan. 25, Ed Levy of Hirsch Solutions, Donna M. Gray of Total Awards & Promotions, and Charity Jackson of Visual Horizons Custom Signs offer helpful how-to articles for those in the apparel decoration, awards and customization, and signage and digital printing spaces. Here’s a first look at some of their insights you’ll find exclusively in the February How-To Issue:

Ed Levy: How to Create a Multimedia Design with Screen Printing and Embroidery

  • “Decorators are often laser-focused on a single technique and neglect to consider multimedia as an option. As a result of this, offering multimedia also presents the opportunity to provide options to your customer that are somewhat unique.”
  • “When determining the artwork, it is important to choose the elements carefully as to what will be for embroidery and what will be used for screen printing.”
  • “Placement is a key element for multimedia. Since one process is done on one machine, and the other process is done on another machine, it is a safe choice to try to have an allowance for variance in design placement.”

Donna Gray: How to Grow a Professional Network

  • “You need to be trusted before people will commit to you, your company, and your products. The old saying, ‘It’s who you know,’ comes into play more often than one thinks.”
  • “Take extra steps. Business experts tell us that when we meet someone new that we want to add to our professional network, we must take the extra steps to make sure we don’t get lost in their mental attic.”
  • “Give more than you expect to get. Growing a professional network takes a ‘What can I do for you?’ approach.”

Charity Jackson: How to Create a Wrap Maintenance Sheet

  • “Whether it’s a commercial wrap that provides mobile advertising or a color change wrap that protects the vehicle’s paint, it’s important that you provide your customer with tips to properly maintain their wrap.”
  • “Having a pre-printed maintenance sheet that provides answers to all these questions makes your time at the counter more efficient, and also provides a reference for the customer once they get home.”
  • “One other way to help your customer’s wrap look great and last a long time is to offer a vehicle check-up approximately two weeks after the vehicle is wrapped.”

Look out for these articles and more in GRAPHICS PRO February.

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