Issue Preview: Cool Complements

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO May

In the May issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to hit a screen near you on April 22 and mail on April 23, industry pros share insight on everything from apparel accessories and embellishments to lasering leather and leveraging short-term graphics.

Bob Hagel, formerly with Eagle’s Mark, Jeremy Picker of AMB3R Creative, and reps from S-One, General Formulations, Leister, and Stouse tell all. Here’s a first look at some of their thoughts you’ll find exclusively in the May Cool Complements issue.

Bob Hagel: Lasering Leather and Leatherette Products

  • “Industry-purchased leather products are consistent in thickness and finish. Getting the best laser settings may take experimentation.”
  • “Lasering (rastering) unfinished (not stained) or naturally finished leather may result in a low-contrast graphic or text. Darker leather dyes provide good contrast as the leather will be a light color underneath.”
  • “Lasering leatherette products is different from natural leather. The surface is a laserable synthetic leather with a subsurface of color such as gold, silver, black, or a natural-looking brown.”

Jeremy Picker: The Subtle Art of Apparel Embellishment

  • “Within the apparel world, embellishments include features such as ribbons, buttons, appliqué, zippers, and adornments that can physically be attached to a garment. Hangtags could also be considered embellishments.”
  • “From a design perspective, the clip label is often such a subtle addition that it doesn’t detract from the main design while providing a hint of added value. Sleeves, bottom hems, and even pockets are ideal locations.”
  • “Patches, when sized thoughtfully, can be used on hats, apparel, and sold as a standalone product, making them an attractive option.”

Julia Schroeder: How a Print Shop Can Leverage Short-Term Graphics

  • “Depending on the application, it’s important to know the product’s limitations.” – Shaun Jaycox, S-One. Examples of this include slip resistance, clean removability, durability, and cost.
  • “In the pandemic landscape, it has been critical for businesses to be able to communicate with customers regarding the constant change in requirements, or expectations for safety and social distancing, in addition to establishing guidelines for how to go about doing business.” – Jay Kroll, General Formulations
  • “One of the largest growing types of graphic would be floor graphics. They are everywhere, showing people how to queue up, which direction to walk, and so on.” – Ken Huber, Leister

Look out for these articles and more in GRAPHICS PRO May.

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