Iron-On to Shine On: Applying rhinestones to trophies

Trophies are meant to let the recipient shine - shouldn't they have a little, too?

Spice up traditional awards by adding a little bling to them. Below are the basic steps.

  1. Place a piece of cardboard paper on the working table for cutting.
  2. To create a stencil for the design you want to rhinestone, send a file of the design’s outline to your laser.
  3. Pour the rhinestones over the stencil and use a soft brush to brush the rhinestones into the stencil holes.
  4. Use a transfer paper to stick the rhinestones.
  5. Stick the transferred rhinestones onto the trophy.
  6. Use a heat press or iron to properly affix the rhinestones onto the trophy.
  7. Remove the transfer paper.

-Devin Huang, GCC

rhinestone trophy
Step five: stick the transferred rhinestones onto the trophy. (Image courtesy GCC)

Devin Huang

Devin Huang

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