Inkcups Rolls Out New Redesigned Website

In the company'a spplication section you can see what the company's inks look like on a variety of finished products.

Inksoft printing inks
Inksoft printing inks

Danvers, Massachusetts-based Inkcups, makers of inks and supplies that serve a variety of printing markets, including inkjet, announces the launch of its redesigned website.

The company says that in addition to updating the overall look and feel of the site, it has enhanced the navigation and usability and added new tools.

For example, it says, there is a technology selector that allows visitors to filter by category (number of colors, image size, price, etc.) to find a printing system that fits their specific needs; the learning center is a compilation of industry resources and has been expanded to include videos, brochures, FAQs and tools; and the applications page puts the company’s inks on display in the form of various finished products.

The company says it plans to update the website regularly with new product information, company news and events.

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