Indianapolis Nonprofit Repurposes Signage from College Football Championship

People for Urban Progress recycles the vinyl and mesh signage and turns it into fashion items and bags

Following the Indianapolis NCAA College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship, the 2022 Indy Host Committee found a creative way to clean up and recycle after the event.

As reported by CBS4 Indy, one way the organization is doing this is by working with People for Urban Progress (PUP), an Indianapolis-based nonprofit, to repurpose the CFP signage.

PUP bag
(Image: People for Urban Progress)

“We are able to take these banners and repurpose them in such a way that you can carry or walk around with that experience,” Turae Dabney, PUP executive director, tells CBS4. “So there are different types of banners. There is a vinyl banner, and then there are the mesh banners. Depending on the type of material, depends on the type of product we would make.”

PUP will take the vinyl and mesh championship signage and old materials and turn them into fashion items like handbags and backpacks.

“We are glad that the life of the banner can still live on,” says Dabney. “Just because something is used does not mean it is unusable.”

As of the last report, PUP is currently waiting to receive the materials from the national championship.

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