How to Screen Print on Poly Shirts

In this video, Geno Talkington of Wichita Screen Printing gives printers the rundown on polyester shirts. 

Video takeaways:

  • Poly inks cure at 280 degrees F (dye-sub is no worry)
  • Poly inks tend to flash quickly for those performing wet-on-wet prints
  • Leaving a poly shirt under a flash too long can cause shrinkage
  • Consider putting the shirt through the conveyor dryer to encourage any shrinkage prior to the press
  • Consider using triple-durometer squeegees for the best results

Watch the full video for insights on mesh count. Find more screen-printing tutorials from Geno, here

Allee Bruce

Allee Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor for GRAPHICS PRO magazine, aiding with the publication's digital and print efforts.

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