How To: Sandcarve a Pint Glass without Washout Resist

Learn how to sandcarve a pint glass with great results while skipping the use of washout resist. Braden Todd of Glassmith2 in Boulder, Colorado shares how to achieve this knack.

Perks of using a laser mask:

  • Cheaper cost for material
  • Use a higher PSI when sandcarving┬áand carve a little faster
  • The adhesive is stronger, so unless there is something bad on the glass, you don’t need to pre-clean.

Steps to create a laser mask:

  1. Unroll a section of the material for the object.
  2. Apply the mask to the object. Use a plastic squeegee to help eliminate bubbles or lines.
  3. Take the object straight into the laser. (Optional: use a rotary clamp to ensure it spins properly.) Make sure the red dot pointer is centered in the middle of the mask. Let it run and cut the mask.
  4. Now, you want to finish masking the object before sandcarving. Once you bring it into the sandcarving cabinet, evenly cover the whole design. Go off the design a little so you don’t miss anything.
  5. After sandcarving, the best way to remove the mask is to soak it in warm water and everything peels off, or you can use denatured alcohol to remove any residue.
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