How to Measure a Conveyor Dryer Belt

There comes a time when every screen printer needs to replace its conveyor dryer’s belt. In this video, Taylor Landesman of Lawson Screen & Digital Products offers simple tips to help printers determine belt size for when replacements are needed.

The first, and by far the easiest way, is to contact your machine manufacturer. Ask them the length of your dryer belt. Remember to mention if you purchased an additional in-feed or out-feed, or any other modifications made.

If you are unable to obtain the information from the manufacturer, the next option is to take off the belt, lay it flat on your shop floor, and measure it yourself.

Don’t want to remove your conveyor belt from the dryer? No problem! You can use the string method. Take some yarn and tie it to the belt and then send it through the dryer. Keep the string taut, and make sure it feeds through until the cycle is back where it started. Cut the string, remove it, and measure it.

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