How to Install New Fonts to use in CorelDRAW

Add new fonts to the Windows System Fonts folder with this method. 

The standard way fonts are accessed on a PC is through the Windows System Fonts folder: Windows (C:)/Windows/Fonts. Keep in mind that this folder is for fonts that are in use and should not be considered a font storage folder. You can create your own font storage folders within your own documents. None of the fonts you place in your font storage folders are available to the system until they are installed in the Windows Systems Fonts folder.

To install new fonts to the Windows System Fonts folder, select the font icon from a source folder and drag it into the Windows System Fonts folder. You can also right-click on the font in the source folder and from the menu above, click Delete. This permanently deletes the font from your computer, so make sure you have a copy of that font in a separate folder.

If you don’t, before you delete that font, click on it in the Windows System Font folder and in the menu bar above, choose Organize/Copy, then open a destination folder you set up under your own documents and paste the copied font into that new fonts folder for safe keeping. Then return to the Windows Systems Fonts folder and select the same font(s) again and in the bar above, click Delete.

This whole process is a bit clunky, but it does not involve any third-party font management software, thus reducing chances for potential problems, and perhaps serving as a last resort should problems occur.

-Jim Sadler

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