How to Heat Press on a V-neck or Scoop Neck T-shirt

Learn about the different heat press measurements when applying graphics to different styles of t-shirts. 

Proper placement of graphics is important, but achieving it on a V-neck or scoop neck shirt is different than on a basic T. This installment of STAHLS’ TV walks you through the special considerations involved and shows how to measure and place heat-printed graphics on these styles.

Video takeaways:

  • A full-front graphic on a V-neck T-shirt should be placed close to the collar-about 1″ away
  • Drape the V-neck off the heat press for an even application
  • If you can’t achieve an even application, consider a heat printing pillow
  • A left-chest graphic on a V-neck T-shirt should be placed 6-8″ down from the top seam and 3-4″ from the center line
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