Hit Trophy Helps El Refugio in Guatemala

Ohio-based trophy shop felt called to help when an old friend reached out.

Hit Trophy partnership El Refugio Guatemala City, GuatemalaOhio-based Hit Trophy announces a partnership with El Refugio in Guatemala. For the next year, the company plans to donate $500 each month to sponsor a room at the refuge.

El Refugio, a shelter for women and children escaping abuse, trafficking, and violence based in Guatemala City, Guatemala, has five bedrooms that can hold up to 10 families. Since the completion of its property in 2012, El Refugio has assisted hundreds of women and children in various ways.

After hearing about the organization for months on end from his old friend Rob and his wife Amanda Juillard, who are missionaries at El Refugio, Abe Wyse, CEO of Hit Trophy, felt it was time to give back. “The longer it went on, it became something I, and Hit Trophy, needed to do,” Wyse explains. It just so happens that on the day Wyse agreed to give, Hit Trophy’s website, which he monitors closely, sky-rocketed in its ranking. Wyse couldn’t help but note the coincidence.

“We at Hit Trophy are happy to be partners with the Juillards in supporting El Refugio, and we are proud of the Juillards and their efforts to create a safe haven for Guatemalan women and children,” writes Tim Friend, employee at Hit Trophy, in a company blog post. “When you make a purchase at Hit Trophy, you can do so knowing that a small part of those profits goes to the women of El Refugio.”

Hit Trophy urges customers to join its efforts in transforming the lives of victims of abuse simply by purchasing from the company during this time or donating directly to the cause.

For more information, visit www.hittrophy.com/el-refugio. For other ways to help, visit the Get Involved link.

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