High-End Crystal and Glass Awards: A look at substrates

Suggest these three options to high-end clients like corporations or government officials.

Glass is so versatile that it can be further broken down into different subcategories for more style options. Clear glass, as the name states, is clear in color and the closest you can get to optical crystal in glass form. Jade glass is famously known for its green tint and is the most popular of glass forms; starfire glass produces a light-blue hue and tends to fly under the radar. Most of the styles found in jade glass pieces are similar in price and make, meaning that it comes down to personal preference.

On the other end of the glass spectrum we are left with colored glass and art glass pieces. Colored glass usually adds a color accent to an otherwise blank canvas for a subtle pop of color that still maintains its corporate look. Art glass on the contrary is loud, bold, and truly one-of-a-kind – the perfect award to make a statement. The hand-made glass pieces are blown into whimsical shapes and sizes with elaborate colored patterns, making it difficult to recreate the exact same award twice.

Optical crystal in its highest form has few to no perfections. The crystal has been worked and processed until most impurities have been removed, resulting in a purely crafted award. The allure of optic crystal is due to its refractive nature. Crystal pieces are often designed with beautifully cut bevels that capture light in just the right angle to produce and illuminating shine. They tend to be thicker and towing, which creates the impression of strength, durability, and elegance.

-Mayra Barboza, Topmost World

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