Habits for Heat Press Health

If you want your heat press to last for years to come, make sure you practice these maintenance tips.

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Take care of your heat press. Calibrate the temperature of your heat press at install time and every six months using a digital pyrometer or digital metal candy thermometer. Lubricate your press with high-temperature grease every three months (refer to your manual, as this will vary depending on your specific heat press). Verify your press closes evenly on shirts and other substrates that rely on light pressure. Get in the habit of unplugging your press at the end of the day to eliminate the chance of leaving it turned on overnight or over a weekend.

-David Gross, Condé

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David Gross

David Gross is president of Condé Systems Inc., of Mobile, Ala. For the past 24 years, he has devoted to advancing sublimation technology. He can be reached by email at dgross@conde.com.

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