Gregg Hollenberg Launches New Signage Consulting Firm

Hollenberg is well-known within the industry both for his work with the Texas Sign Association and his stint as CEO of Houston's National Signs.

Gregg Hollenberg launches new signage consulting company.
Gregg Hollenberg launches new signage consulting company.

Gregg Hollenberg, an industry veteran, announces that he has started a new Houston-based signage firm.

A long-time Texas resident, Hollenberg has launched Sign Advisors, an independent signage consulting firm that will work with clients in the Houston region to help them get the best deal-design, price and otherwise-on their signage projects. Hollenberg says the company “leverages its industry and product expertise to help businesses and organizations procure the right signage solution.”

Hollenberg is the former president and CEO of Houston’s National Signs, a nearly 30-year-old sign company with a national reputation. He also served on the board and for a time was president of the Texas Sign Association. He is a Duke University graduate and has an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.

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