Grab a Hold of the Outdoor Sublimation Market

Why is this market growing?

Up until recently, with the introduction of products like Duraluxe and ChromaLuxe, sublimation was not for outdoor use, except for short-term use since sublimation has been known to fade outdoors. Sublimation panels for outdoors have much more UV durability now and some have a five-year outside warranty. Sublimators are now learning that they can play outdoors with sublimation, and that market is developing. Outdoor signage is really the beginning. You can sublimate the sign piece and there is no need to overlaminate it. The sublimated sign will have UV durability, weatherability, and many have various coating styles that have built-in anti-graffiti characteristics, again without over-laminating or any additional steps.

-Kevin Lumberg, Duraluxe

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