Georgia Merchandising Company Raises Over $220K in T-Shirt Sales to Support Local Businesses

Like many industries across the nation, local businesses in Augusta, Georgia, have been hit hard due to COVID-19. Branding and merchandise company Showpony stepped in to help those who were facing closures and struggling with finances.

The company launched the “We Give a Shirt” campaign in April, and the founders told WSBTV they hoped to raise a few hundred dollars for local bars and restaurants. What they didn’t know was how their campaign would kick off and spread, raising over $220,000 in a few short months.

Daniel Stewart, partner in Showpony, says what initially started as an easy way to give some money back to local businesses, turned into a massive fundraising platform.

Stewart adds, “It’s been more successful than we could have ever hoped for, for sure.”

Sister company Wier/Stewart designs the T-shirts sold on the fundraising site. Each T goes for $20-24.50, and $10 from each sale goes to a specific company or nonprofit.

“Some need the money for their own operations, and some companies are passing the proceeds forward to other nonprofits,” Stewart tells WSBTV.

Aside from the money collected, Stewart says the T-shirts have also shown to boost morale within the community.

“The business owners see how much support they have and they’re surprised at how many people want to buy their shirt, and so three, four, five, 600 people throw down 20 bucks for you, that makes you feel good,” he adds.

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