Garner Greater Prices for Engraving Projects

It starts with deciding whether or not to use laser markable metals.

Laser markable metals are the profitable backbone of many engraving shops. Metals carry a higher perceived value and are often more durable-both of which lead to higher margins, greater profits, and a unique point of differentiation from the competition. Over time, several myths have cropped up about laser markable metals (some of which were dispelled here). As you quote jobs, be sure to ask yourself: Could I garner a greater price by using real laser markable metal? Does my project require the durability of a military-specified laser markable metal? If you consider these factors, you will be more likely to pick the right material for your application.

-Sam Wainer and Andy Marvin, Horizons ISG

Sam Wainer

Sam Wainer is a Product Manager for Horizons Imaging Systems Group. For more information, visit www.horizonsisg.com.

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