Formetco To Double Size of Its Digital Production Facility

The expansion is so significant that it will allow the company to almost double the number of billboards it's able to assemble and test in a given week.

Duluth, Georgia-based Formetco Inc., a maker of LED billboards, electronic screens, billboards and video displays, announces that it is doubling the size of its Atlanta-area digital production facility.

The company refers to its facility as the “Digital Campus”-the place where it assembles, tests and packages its LED video displays before shipping and installing.

Currently, the company is operating out of a 40,000-square-foot digital production space, but by March 1 its facility will be increased to 88,000-square-feet. The company says that because a neighboring warehouse became available, it was able to simply remove some walls to create its new space.

“Our continued investment in our staff and product development enabled us to achieve 30 percent growth in 2018, and we are projecting record-breaking growth for 2019,” says Matt Xander, CEO of Formetco. “The current facility expansion will allow us to streamline our manufacturing and quality-control processes while providing the necessary square footage for our continued expansion.”

Adds Jeff Partlow, the company’s operations manager, “This expansion will allow our team to complete jobs at a faster pace. We originally had six build sites where each individual billboard had the space to be built. After the expansion of Digital Campus, we will have 11 build sites. With this space, we can almost double the number of billboards assembled and tested in a given week.”

Formetco celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2018.

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