Focus Your Company on Collective Results

Promote a sense of unity within your team.

Without attention to results, a company has no purpose. Remember that results come from the collective efforts of the entire team, not from a single person’s interest. The importance of focusing on results stems from the fact that the true measure of a great team is that it accomplishes what it sets out to achieve. Team members should prioritize collective results over individual or single department’s needs. After all, the collective results are the purpose of why everyone is there in the first place.

Stay focused on goals and results and make sure that all members of any team understand what they are. Without understanding what qualifies as a positive result, team members have no way to properly measure their successes. Without the contributions of everyone on a team, it is difficult to achieve positive results within an organization. Proper focus on teamwork and proper standards that everyone follows promotes a sense of unity that creates a productive culture. A good leader recognizes that without a strong team, there will never be a strong company. 

-Eric Priceman, Victory

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