FiveStar Awards Celebrates 20 Years and Launches Rebrand

Part of the refresh included introducing a new logo, according to owner Lisa Higginbotham.

FiveStar Awards
FiveStar Awards

Based out of North Carolina, FiveStar Awards and Engraving celebrates 20 years of business by launching a new logo, a redesigned website, and an updated name, changing from “5Star” to “FiveStar.” The provider of custom and corporate awards, industrial engraving, and licensed rotary award products, came out with new apparel for its employees, car wraps, signage, labels on awards, packing tape, and a repainted showroom, all in line with the new brand. The official reveal date of the new logo and website was May 1.

Lisa Higginbotham, president and owner of FiveStar Awards, explains all the new changes in the company are external. “This is our 20th year in business and we were due for a refresh,” states Higginbotham, adding the new look is a better reflection of its customer base, which is primarily corporate. “We are the same company and the same team, with the same trust the (customers) have been accustomed to for 20 years,” she says.

Higginbotham first opened the doors of FiveStar Awards in Raleigh, North Carolina on June 6, 1999. The company expanded into various locations over the past 20 years, including Higginbotham’s home at one point, before moving into the current warehouse space, which is about 3,500 square feet. The number of employees also grew over time.

According to Higginbotham, employees of FiveStar focus on its strengths, while trying to avoid being all things to everyone. However, the team always looks for ways to put its talents to best use for the customers. At the core of what’s kept the business successful, according to Higginbotham, is education. The team goes to industry shows, is encouraged to participate in webinars, and attend boot camps – anything to help sharpen skills.

From the first interest meeting to the launch day of the rebrand and website, the whole process took about five months, according to Higginbotham. To create the new site, FiveStar outsourced the job to a local marketing and design firm called Goodness. The initial need, which was to create a new website, fleshed out to a need for a brand refresh and new identity.

“We are super excited about the end results and have already started seeing the fruits of the change in business and our presence in the community,” states Higginbotham. “Our new branding and website – the colors, the copy, the images – are genuine reflections of who FiveStar is and how we seek to make our customers the heroes of the day.”

To celebrate the 20 years of business, Higginbotham plans to host a party at its headquarters for customers, vendors, local networks, such as the three chambers of commerce it belongs to, and its local rotary club/district. She plans to tie the event to a service project, such as canned goods for the local veterans’ food pantry. The anniversary is technically in June, but the event will likely be held in early fall to avoid the North Carolina summer heat.

Aside from the rebrand, FiveStar plans to grow in sales and hopes to eventually own its own building.

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