Finding a Balance with Email Notifications

Spend uninterrupted time with family or in outside interests.

A problem fighting balance is modern technology and the fact that it becomes too easy to always be “connected.” As a result of the internet, the world moves at a much faster pace. But does it have to? Do we really need to see every email or notification on social media the minute it comes in? One change I made in my life is to eliminate all email notifications on my mobile device.

I used to receive a beep or vibration every time I received an email. Of course, when this happened, I felt compelled to look at it, and it became an unnecessary habit.

Now I still carry a cellular device, and yes, I look at my emails, but just not as frequently as I used to. By turning off any sounds associated with the receipt of emails, it has lessened my dependence on my device to the extent that I no longer feel compelled to answer every single email immediately, and find myself looking at emails in bunches during allotted times. I find that no less gets done, and I can spend time with family or in outside interests uninterrupted.

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