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Get a preview of what's to come in GRAPHICS PRO's November issue

In the November issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail on Oct. 23, Cheryl Kuchek of Just my Imagination DeZigns Inc., Jennifer Cox of National Network of Embroidery Professionals, and Bryan Vincent of Principal LED each offer some perspective on what’s trending within their specific graphics fields. From sublimation to embroidery and electric sign manufacturing, here’s a first-look at some of their insights you’ll find exclusively in the November issue:

Cheryl Kuchek: What’s Trending in Sublimation?

  • “Face masks and gaiters are some of the hottest sellers the past several months, and it doesn’t appear that they are going anywhere anytime soon.”
  • “Everything from double-walled tumblers to sublimatable stemless wine tumblers are in high demand, but that isn’t all.”
  • “With the COVID-19 pandemic, so much has changed in how we can sell, educate, and have social gatherings. “
  • “When designing, being mindful of colors is key to eye-catching products that will keep your customers coming back for more.”

Jennifer Cox: Popular Products for Embroidery Professionals

  • “While embroidery may not be the most practical decoration method for face masks, there are plenty of people that want embroidered masks and are willing to pay for them.”
  • “With working from home as the new norm, work-leisure is workwear and athleisure morphed together.”
  • “Very few customers are coming into apparel decoration businesses, according to members of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP).”
  • “Many new customers are making their product choices based on the guidance provided by apparel decorators.”

Bryan Vincent: Lighting Trends in Electric Sign Manufacturing

  • “With the current tariff situation and continued geopolitical risk with China, I believe more LED and electrical manufacturers will onshore a portion of their production to North America.”
  • “As LEDs have become commoditized and the costs are a small part of the overall sign system, end-users are looking to light everything up on or around their building.”
  • “One growing trend that will continue is the integration of systems and tools for sign makers.”
  • “There is no question that end-users and sign makers want lower profile signage, and LED modules are inherently point sources.”

Look out for these articles and more in GRAPHICS PRO November.

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