Issue Preview: Equipment and Processes for the New Year

Here's a preview of what you can find in GRAPHICS PRO January

In the January issue of GRAPHICS PRO, set to mail on Dec. 18, Jennifer Foy of Unisub; Taylor Landesman of Lawson Screen & Digital Products; and a handful of sources in the UV-LED printing industry each offer insights on processes and technologies to consider for the new year. With so much that changed in 2020, businesses are looking for new ways to operate more than ever. Here’s a first-look at some of the ideas they present exclusively in the January issue:

Jennifer Foy: Adding Metal to Your Sublimation Business

  • “Looking beyond apparel to personalized gifts expands your business opportunities.”
  • “Just as trying out different brands of T-shirts will produce varying results, the same applies for metal. “
  • “As people stay at home more during these winter months, they want to freshen up their surroundings, whether it’s a home office or living room.”

Taylor Landesman: A Beginner’s Guide to Apparel Decorating Equipment

  • “Whether you want to print T-shirts as a hobby, a side hustle, or full time, knowing your equipment options goes a long way in determining how to get started.”
  • “Apparel decorating is one of the best business opportunities, with numerous points of entry into the industry, no matter your budget.”
  • “No matter what method of apparel decorating you start with, you are joining a fun and rewarding industry.”

Lon Riley: A Look at the Growth of UV-LED Printing

  • “We use a multi-drop system, which allows the current heads in our current platform to be able to give different drop combinations. It gives us a lot more granular control over the specific application we are using. That’s the big deal with this technology. We can do so many things with it.”
  • “We are seeing major advances in head technologies, thin film technologies coming out from major players; more granular control, longevity, and better throughput leading to faster print speed.”
  • Another development that helped fuel the rise of the UV-LED market was the shift to “more industrial components like heavy-duty motors, belts, and chassis—things designed to take some abuse in production environments.”

Look out for these articles and more in GRAPHICS PRO January.

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