Featured Projects: Bringing the Outdoors to Customers’ Fingerprints

Dimensional Innovations did a lot of work on the back end to make sure each product was thoroughly represented with much more than simple pictures.

Overland Park, Kansas­-based Dimensional Innovations, a full-service signage firm, partnered with sportings goods retailer Cabela’s for the opening of the chain’s locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas. The challenge, according to the company, was that the square footage of these two stores would be significantly smaller than typical Cabela’s stores. That meant even more importance would be placed on the signage.

Dimensional Innovations decided to install three interactive kiosks that it called “Trailhead” kiosks-one each in the camping, hunting and fishing sections. Along with the kiosks were three virtual reality headsets that go with them.

All three Trailheads feature shared content, including an interactive map with local hunting/fishing/hiking/camping locations and a “Brag Board” showcasing local social media posts. Along with these shared items, each Trailhead also has content unique to each section of the store. All content can be viewed either on the 75-inch touch screen kiosk or through the virtual reality headset.

The kiosks allow shoppers to drill down to specifics about the products they’re shopping for, according to the store. For example, when using the camping Trailhead, customers can sort, filter, and select tents available at Cabela’s, and even view photos that offer a 360-degree view inside the tent. When certain items or features inside the tent are highlighted, a pop-up box appears giving more information about that feature.

Dimensional Innovations assembled each of the tents, staged the product inside, and shot all of the 360-footage for the Trailhead. More than 30 tents were erected and shot.

The hunting and fishing Trailheads contain similar interactive features.

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