Featured Project: When a Kitchen’s Not Really a Kitchen

Mactac film helped give this home office a whole new dimension-literally.

Centennial, Colorado’s Kitchen Concepts, a kitchen design company, was contacted by a client who was seeking to turn their living room into a home office. To do that they needed to block the windows on an interior door leading to another room so they would have privacy. At the same time, they wanted as much natural light as possible to shine through those windows.

Kitchen Concepts turned to Centennial’s The Visual Edge Signs & Design, a full-service sign manufacturing and design company that’s been around since 2012.

The end result was quite creative and undoubtedly elicits some interesting comments from friends who come to the client’s house to visit. According to The Visual Edge, the client initially wanted to use perforated window films, but The Visual Edge team knew window perf would not provide the amount of privacy the client wanted. The Visual Edge did color density testing on the client’s interior doors so they could decide what kind of film would deliver the desired privacy while still letting in the natural light that was desired.

Ultimately, IMAGin B-free Frosted Window Film from Stow, Ohio-based Mactac was chosen. The client bought the image they wanted on the film and The Visual Edge resized it  and printed it onto the Mactac film with an HP 365 printer. Two installers completed the job in two hours, and the client got what they were after: privacy, natural light and a pretty novel image to boot.

“We have been using IMAGin B-free Frosted Window Films since we opened our shop eight years ago, and it’s our go-to frosted material,” says Tim Eunice, co-owner of The Visual Edge. “The film prints very well with latex printers, but with the new HP 365 printer, we were able to increase the ink density and the image looked even better than the client imagined.”

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