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Installing the display was tricky because the façade where it was to be hung is nearly 70 years old.

Atlanta-based NanoLumens, makers of custom-built indoor and outdoor LED displays for a variety of markets, recently built a display for the historic newsroom of the Dallas Morning News, the venerable news outlet that has been a fixture in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than 130 years.

NanoLumens installed a 75′ x 2′ Nixel Series 6mm LED display that serves as a 24/7 news ticker.

“Facility Solutions Group recommends NanoLumens products as a top-tier display solution, and that is exactly what this installation required,” says Gerald Reeves, project manager for the Austin, Texas-based Facility Solutions Group, which installed the display, “We considered other manufacturers, but in the end, there was little comparison. Our clients trust us to deliver the ideal technologies to satisfy their needs, and NanoLumens’ unique products and capabilities are increasingly considered the best-of-the-best.”

According to NanoLumens, the plaster-finished mezzanine where the display was to be mounted was built in 1951 and required significant engineering to develop a support structure that would retain the architecture’s historical value while supporting the massive LED display. FSG used 3D modeling to ensure tolerances were within limits and all expectations were met to the historical society’s satisfaction.

“The new ticker display at Dallas Morning News is further proof that we can deliver stunning LED displays in whatever size and shape is required,” says Eric Siegler, NanoLumens regional sales manager. “Whether they are intended for a single purpose or to be used for varied content and audiences, NanoLumens can design and build a display for any location. With the ability to provide ultra-fine pixel pitches down to 0.9mm, build curved and flexible displays for indoor and outdoor use, a front-accessible design that simplifies maintenance and the industry’s most generous 6-year down-to-the-pixel warranty, it’s no wonder organizations and integrators across the country are choosing NanoLumens.”

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