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Sensory Interactive handles the digital signage for City Point in Brooklyn, which is said to be the largest mixed-use development in New York City.

Washington D.C.-based Sensory Interactive, which specializes in experiential digital platforms that may include LED walls, billboards and interactive kiosks, operates and maintains the many varied digital signage components installed in and around the upscale City Point mixed-use development in downtown Brooklyn, New York City.

The 1.8 million-square-foot, $1 billion project is located in the busiest shopping district in Brooklyn, and it contains not only retail but also office space and housing units.

Working with the owner of the development and its third-party media sales organization, Big Outdoor, Sensory Interactive developed the programming model for the complex system, which uses fine-pitch interior LED displays, LCD kiosks and exterior-facing LED displays. The layout is designed to catch the eyes of both pedestrians and those driving by outside.

Sensory Interactive is responsible for scheduling and managing all system content; in that role the company works directly with tenants-Target, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Trader Joe’s and others-to ensure that all content meets the system’s technical requirements and that content is scheduled for maximum impact. The company also works with the owner’s branding agency, Pentagram, to make sure ads promoting City Point itself are part of the mix.

Sensory Interactive is also responsible for 24/7 monitoring of the systems many elements, which were manufactured by Daktronics.

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