Featured Project: These Billboards are All the Buzz

The "bee hotels" were built on the backside of north-facing billboards, because bees like their nests facing south.

Paris-based digital outdoor advertising company JCDecaux, which also does work throughout North America, was recently involved in an unusual billboard project backed by McDonald’s.

According to the advertising company, one-third of the food that humans consume is made possible by pollination from bees. But the bee population globally is dwindling, and that’s causing great concern among scientists. In Sweden, 30% of the country’s wild bees are threatened by extinction, as they lack places to live. Therefore, McDonald’s collaborated with JCDecaux to create ‘bee hotels’ to encourage biodiversity.

‘Bee hotels’ were created on the back of north-facing, JCDecaux-owned billboards, as bees are most comfortable when their nests are south-facing. The first phase of this was launched in Jarfalla, 20 minutes from downtown Stockholm. This project is part of McDonald’s sustainability initiative, where many McDonald’s franchises in Sweden have also opened their rooftops to accommodate beehives.

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