Featured Project: Technology to Line the Hallways

When Snap Installs was chosen by the school district for this project, they had just three weeks before school opened to complete it.

Aurora, Illinois-based Peerless-AV, a maker of audio-visual, digital signage and mounting products that serve the indoor and outdoor digital sign industries, announces a collaboration with Lincolnshire, Illinois-based LG Business Solutions USA and Maple Grove, Minnesota-based Snap Install Inc., an A/V installation company, on a project for a newly built Illinois school.

The Sherlock School in Cicero, Illinois, is an elementary school focused on using state-of-the-art technology and design to bring added functionality and efficiency to enhance the learning environment. For its new facility, the school district wanted to integrate eye-catching video displays into different locations around the school. It contacted Snap Install just three weeks before the start of school.

Curved screens from LG Business Solutions, mounted with Peerless-AV products, proved to be the perfect solution.

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