Featured Project: Symphonic Fast Food?

This one-day demonstration showed how far interactive digital signage has come.

McDonald’s and digital ad agency Fullsix Portugal partnered with JCDecaux Portugal, that country’s division of Paris-based digital outdoor advertising company¬†JCDecaux, and came up with a novel idea to promote the burger chain’s new Maestro Burger in that country. And like its namesake-fast food-it was a very fast promotion.

For just one day, the agencies transformed a digital out-of-home panel in Lisbon’s Amoreiras Shopping Center into an interactive, public-driven orchestra, complete with on-screen choreography courtesy of the Maestro Burger.

When shoppers walked up to the screen, embedded cameras read their hand movements and turned them into orchestra conductors. Meanwhile, the burger-made of two Angus beef patties, melting cheese and thin slices of bacon-“danced” on screen to the music created by the passers-by.

Click here to watch a video.

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