Featured Project: Storytelling with LEDs

The International Design Awards have been handed out since 2007. Sensory Interactive and SNA Displays share one for this museum exhibit.

Washington D.C.-based Sensory Interactive, which specializes in experiential digital platforms that could include LED walls, billboards and/or interactive kiosks, teamed up with New York City-based SNA Displays, makers of LED lighting and LED digital video displays, and won an award for a project they did for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Using SNA Displays, Sensory Interactive provided design, technical specification, procurement and project management for “The Chronicles of San Francisco,” a unique art piece created by internationally recognized artist JR. The Chronicles exhibit is meant to celebrate San Francisco’s diverse population, and to capture his subjects JR set up a mobile studio in more than 20 locations. There, he filmed, photographed and interviewed more than 1,200 people from neighborhoods across the city.

The images are the centerpiece of the exhibit. Presented in black and white, the high-resolution video displays are on a curved screen that is more than 16′ tall, extends around the exhibit space and contains more than 26 million pixels.

Sensory Interactive wrote of the presentation: “Because of the complexity of executing an installation with such demanding technical requirements and a large, international team, (we) got involved in the process early. The company’s architects, motion-graphic designers, and 3D artists worked with the JR team to ensure that every aspect of the display supported the goals for the exhibit.”

The goal, the company says, was for the technology to go unnoticed and to have all of the focus be on the people, who are at the heart of the artist’s vision.

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