Featured Project: Solo Wrapping in the Hills

A good chunk of this one-man-shop's income comes from custom, one-off jobs from local law enforcement and other government agencies, the owner says.

This featured project comes to us from the hills of eastern Tennessee, where Denny Camargo owns and operates Knoxville Wraps, a one-man, home-based wrap shop. Camargo has been in the graphic design and wraps game “forever,” he says, although he only launched his shop about five years ago or so. A good portion of his revenue comes from custom jobs that he does for various government and state agencies, he says. He doesn’t do, for example, all of the fleet work for the Knoxville Police Department, but if they need a couple vehicles wrapped for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for example, he’s the guy. He’s also done custom work for the Air Force and the Tennessee Valley Authority, among other agencies and organizations. Here, he takes a Cadillac Escalade from a not-too-shabby-to-begin-with maroon color and cranks it up a notch with some 3M Matte Metallic Grey.

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