Featured Project: Signage and Other Visuals Artfully Done

McCann System's installations are found in a wide variety of settings, from retail to classrooms to performance venues such as this one.

Digital signage is just one of the specialties of Edison, New Jersey-based McCann Systems, which is a design-build audio/visual company with five other offices across the country.

For this project, the company was commissioned by the New Brunswick (New Jersey) Development Co. to design and install all of the audio/visual technology in the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, a new, $172 million building that opened this past September.

McCann Systems designed and implemented the center’s two state-of-the-art theaters and performance stages. One of them seats 465 people and has an orchestra pit with room for 60 players; the other theater seats 255 people.

McCann installed HIGHlite Laser 4k Projectors with 12,500 lumen capability, made by Digital Projection International. A common lounge and bar area shared by the two theaters features Unilumin LED screening and signage, dedicated to the donors and local supporters of the arts.

In addition to the theater spaces, McCann Systems helped create three full-size dedicated rehearsal studios and collaborative workspaces.

Throughout the nearly 500,000-square-foot building, there is a completely integrated A/V solution, including outdoor and indoor public-facing LED screens that are programmed with content to allow passersby to observe footage of previous performances and learn more about upcoming shows.

The 23-story building itself is multi-use; it features 207 residential rental units-20% of which are designated for low- and moderate-income housing.

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