Featured Project: Outfitting a Television Institution

D3's digital signage needed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the visuals in the studio.

This featured project comes to us from the Big Apple courtesy of D3 (Dynamic Digital Displays)-a global LED display company with U.S. headquarters in New York City and Rancho Cordova, California.

As part of an overhaul of NBC’s Studio 1A, home to the venerable “Today” show, D3 and a team of other companies were given the daunting task of upgrading the iconic broadcasting studio in just 30 days.

Specifically, D3 was tasked with delivering custom indoor LED displays that would enhance the studio’s broadcast systems, stand up to high definition cameras, present seamless content to viewers watching at home and create particular, defined areas within Studio 1A-almost like mini-studios within the larger space.

D3 says that among the solutions it provided to NBCUniversal were a 1.9-mm LED display for the “living room” area that is retractable; a curved 2.5-mm LED display located above the anchor desk; a 2.5-mm LED column display behind the anchor desk; and the most unique feature of all: a modular, 1.9-mm LED window display composed of six different panels that can rotate 180 degrees around to face Rockefeller Plaza.

On the exterior of the building, D3 created a ticker display that spans more than 70 feet and broadcasts both live video and text headlines. The display also acts as a backdrop for special events and show features. More than 1,000 D3 6-mm LED modules were used to create the display’s surface, which wraps the entire studio’s corner.

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