Featured Project: Massivit 3D Printers Bring Cartoon Figures to Life

Using the Massivit 1800, the printing company was able to print, assemble and paint five life-size cartoon statues in just 80 hours of work.

Israel-based 3D printer company Massivit Printing Technologies, says that as part of the recent International Cartoon Festival of Angoulême, France. MÉTROPOLE, a France-based specialist in digital printing, large-format 3D printing and event management, produced five life-size characters using its Massivit 3D printer and set them up at a train station to entertain commuters and those visiting the festival.

The printing company says the festival organizers gave them extremely tight deadlines which they were able to meet thanks to the fast printing speed of its Massivit 1800 3D printer.

“Only the Massivit 3D printer, deployed by MÉTROPOLE, could have pulled off this feat in terms of turnaround time,” says Franck Bondoux, the festival’s president. “Our life-size statues were ready onsite on the opening day of the festival, creating just the wow effect we had been aiming for.”

Adds Denise Zanet, associate director at MÉTROPOLE: “It took less than four weeks’ work-80 hours of printing plus 200 hours of assembly, sculpting and painting-to create the five comics characters displayed at Angoulême station.”

To watch a video about the installation, click here.

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