Featured Project: Krispy Kreme Shines in Times Square

Daktronics completes a corner-wrapping LED video display for Krispy Kreme's flagship location

Bringing new branding messages to Times Square in New York City, Daktronics manufactured and installed a corner-wrapping LED video display for Krispy Kreme’s new flagship location at Broadway and 48th Street, which opened in 2020.

“Standing out visually in Times Square is no easy task,” explains Todd Hoffman, digital product manager at Krispy Kreme. “Imagine our presence without this gigantic wrap-around video screen? As our U.S. flagship, we want to celebrate our iconic brand not just in a big, bold way but with appetizing, irresistible imagery. Whether you’re 10 blocks away or 10 yards, the motion graphics are so vivid, it just makes you crave a fresh, mouth-watering sweet treat. So far, mission accomplished.”

The display wraps the corner and sits above the Krispy Kreme store, featuring 10-millimeter pixel spacing with city view louver technology. The display measures 31′ high by 110′ wide.

Krispy Kreme leverages the display’s digital scheduling capabilities to introduce new products and keep engaging messaging current, ultimately keeping the Krispy Kreme brand top of mind for Times Square visitors.

“The client was seeking a properly designed radius for the location and a high contrast, color-accurate display that holds the image integrity off vertical and horizontal angle,” says Randy Antes, Daktronics Times Square representative. “Daktronics engineering and technology delivered by providing an optimal viewing experience at this heavily traveled Times Square site. We’re very proud to work with all the stakeholders on the project to provide a distinctive, impactful new display for our new neighbor, Krispy Kreme, and to add to the bright lights of Times Square.”

Daktronics has been delivering LED displays in Times Square since the installation of the Morgan Stanley LED ticker in 1995. Today, the company has more than 80 customers in the area and nearly 40 projects in Times Square.

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