Featured Project: Hot Pie Deserves Hot Signage

DSA's menu board are available in standard designs or can be customized, depending on the customer's needs.

This featured project comes to us from Carson, California-based DSA Phototech, designers and manufacturers of LED light boxes, digital menu boards and digital signage enclosures. The company recently installed a new drive-thru menu board system for Seattle-based fast-casual eatery MOD Pizza. MOD Pizza offers customized pizzas and salads quickly made to order in a family-friendly environment. A rapidly expanding chain, MOD now has more than 300 locations worldwide.

Working with the management team at MOD, DSA designed a drive-thru system that includes an order point canopy and a three-panel drive-thru menu board that can use either digital menu panels or static, printed menus illuminated with LED lighting.

The company says its panels are available in a variety of formations, and are weatherproofed a secured with keyed locks. They also contain the company’s proprietary air cooling system so they can operate in high heat.

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