Featured Project: Full-Service is an Understatement for this Shop

Hinkle Printing was launched in Corbin, Kentucky, in 1966 and descendants of the founders still run it today.

This featured project comes to us from the Bluegrass State’s Hinkle Printing Inc., located in the small town of Corbin, Kentucky, right on Interstate 75.

Paul and Betty Hinkle launched Hinkle Printing in downtown Corbin in 1966. For all these years it has stayed in the family, and along with new leadership has come new technologies and new skills. The breadth of their offerings is impressive: Hinkle Printing offers both digital and offset, so whether it’s a billboard, a backlit restaurant sign, or postcards and placemats, Hinkle is the proverbial one-stop shop. And did we mention vehicle wraps? We need to mention vehicle wraps.

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