Featured Project: Design, Build, Install-No Problem!

California's Arrow Sign Co. walks us through the various phases of a successful project.

This featured project comes to us from Oakland, California-based Arrow Sign Co. This accomplished sign shop began in 1952 as the Arrow Neon Sign Co., and was mainly then focused on theater signage. As the 1950s wore on the age of the car culture developed, particularly in California, and Arrow used its theater connections to get work building and putting up drive-in movie screens. The company branched out widely from there and today it will design, build and install just about any type of signage its customers need.

Along with its Oakland headquarters, Arrow also has a manufacturing facility in Stockton, California. In all, the company has more than 100,000 square feet devoted to manufacturing.

Here we sneak a peek at the behind-the-scenes process of a sign Arrow made and installed for a local baseball park.

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