Featured Project: Curves Afoot in the Middle East

The display is three panels totaling approximately 18' x 16.'

Brookings, South Dakota-based LED display manufacturer Daktronics brings us this featured project that it was involved with in Pakistan.

Daktronics partnered with IDEAS by GUL Ahmed Textiles, one of the oldest and largest textile mills in Pakistan, and that country’s Quadra Technologies, to deliver a curved, 3.9-millimeter LED display for a fashion store.

According to Khurram Khaliq Khan, CEO and director of business development for Quadra Technologies, in IDEAS’ pursuit to become the leading fashion retailer in Pakistan, “they want to bring modern technology along with the integration of the online shopping experience and digital integration of their shops.”

The display combination measures 5.5 meters (approximately 18′) high by 5 meters (approximately 16′) wide and consists of three individual banners that start on the wall near a staircase and curve up onto the ceiling. Each individual display starts at a different height matching the staircase, to share branding and retail messaging.

The content is either shown individually on each banner or spans the whole display combination. Each features a tight 3.9-millimeter line spacing for closer viewing distances.

Quadra Technologies built and installed the structure and display, and Daktronics provided the step-by-step design and engineering.

“It has been wonderful to work with the team at IDEAS,” says Mathieu Verbraken, Daktronics’ regional manager. “Being new to digital, they have a refreshing approach to design. Our technology allowed for the implementation of a truly incredible display combination without compromising their ideas. We thank them for their trust in Daktronics. Special recognition also to Quadra Technologies, our loyal partner in Pakistan, without whom we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to realize this project.”

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