Featured Project: Can’t Go Wrong with Clean Lines

Kurt Gaber founded Little Gaber Signs in 1978 and today the company-Gaber Signs-is a full-service shop that also does wraps and logo design.

This featured project comes to us from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, which is actually a bit closer to Minneapolis than it is to Green Bay. That might explain why, on Gaber SignsFacebook page, one of the first photos you see is of a lively discussion between a Vikings fan and a Packer fan.

Kurt Gaber founded Gaber Signs as Little Gaber Signs in 1978, and in 1992 changed the name to what it is today. The company does interior and exterior signs and banners, along with vehicle wraps and logo design. Here, we see the interior signage done for Cray, a local firm that develops supercomputers.

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