Featured Project: Busy Job Site Makes Installs Trickier

TKO Signs says that when a sign installation needs to be done at the same time a building is undergoing a massive rehab, it can make for a tricky install.

Plainfield, Indiana-based TKO Signs, a full-service sign shop founded in 1985, did the exterior signage for a Danish-based company called Grundfos, which bought out Indianapolis-based pump manufacturer Peerless Pumps in 2007.

When it came time for Grundfos to do an extensive remodel of its building, it picked TKO in nearby Plainfield to make and install two exterior signs: a backlit halo-illuminated entry sign, and wall-mounted channel letters. What made this job slightly unusual, says the sign company, is that the sign installation was going on at the same time a lot of other work was happening in and around the building.

As the company notes on its website: “So, we weren’t the only ones working on the building. It was an extensive makeover requiring professionals from multiple disciplines. When working with construction crews, it’s critical to communicate progress, change orders, and delays as quickly as possible. New construction brings its own challenges. Brick masons, electricians, and sign installers must all know who is doing what, when, and where. And sometimes, it changes by the hour.”

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