Featured Project: Browns Shoes Installs 25th iGotcha Media Wall

Browns Shoes is the largest independently owned footwear chain in Canada.

Canadian full-service digital signage company iGotcha Media, with locations in Montreal and Toronto, announces that the 25th iGotcha Media video wall has been installed inside a Browns Shoes store in that country, this one in Quebec.

Browns is currently using iGotcha Media solutions in 21 stores (some have multiple video walls), with most locations featuring a video wall comprised of  four 55-inch high-definition monitors. Some stores have ultra-stretch 98-inch screens and the company’s Montreal headquarters is home to a 5 x 1 video wall that features five 55-inch monitors.

The iGotcha displays include hardware (monitors, PCs, custom-made mounts and stands) and proprietary content management software, and some additional applications made custom for Browns include: the “endless aisle interactive touch-screen,’ which helps shoppers browse by providing easy access to footwear in all colors and sizes, and experiential games for children, which keep youngsters engaged and give parents time to focus on shopping.

“We’ve been working with iGotcha Media since 2015,” says Eric Ouaknine, director of retail experience for Browns. “As part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional in-store experience, we have made a significant investment in the integration of new technologies. iGotcha Media has tailored applications for our stores that provide impressive platforms to showcase the fantastic work done by our creative team. By merging the energy and excitement of our campaigns with the spectacular size, sharp resolution and vivid colors of these video walls, we are creating powerful connections with our valued customers.”

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